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The Blind Will See — March 27, 2017

The Blind Will See

In Sunday’s GOSPEL READING Jesus heals a man born blind.

The Pharisees are out to get Jesus and so try to work out what’s going on. First they try and disprove that the man was even blind by summoning his parents! They testify that he was their son who was indeed born blind. The Pharisees then make issue with the fact that the healing took place on the sabbath so therefore Jesus could not be sent by God because he doesn’t observe the sabbath as they expect. In the end Jesus points out that it’s these Pharisees are the ones who are blind!

Sometimes we too can be blinded by our ignorance or arrogance. We refuse to accept the truth unless it fits with our own agenda. We ask the Virgin Mary, who surrendered her own agenda to be open to the truth, to pray for us as we say; Hail Mary…

Think: Is there an issue in your life that could do with a fresh set of eyes. How can you look at it differently?

Seeing God Everywhere — March 26, 2017

Seeing God Everywhere

In Sunday’s PSALM we hear one of King David’s most famous songs ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’ (Psalm 23).

Its likely that David got his inspiration for this song from his own experience as a shepherd boy. He new what it was like to care for a flock, to keep them safe and make sure they had all they needed. David was able to relate this lived experience to God. He was able to ‘see’ God in his childhood experiences.

We are also able to meditate on our own life in the same way and ask God to reveal himself to us through our own experiences. Take a moment to think now. What is a God saying to you? … Glory be to the Father…

Pray: Take time to pray each night – to examine your day to notice where God was in action.

Looking Inside — March 25, 2017

Looking Inside

Sunday’s Mass readings are all connected by a loose theme of ‘sight’.

In the FIRST READING, the prophet Samuel is sent to anoint the next king of Israel. The current king, Saul had disobeyed God and so the throne would not remain in his family.

Samuel is sent by God to a shepherd family to anoint one of the sons of Jesse. The first son he sees is Eliab, a tall, strong and handsome man. But God tells Samuel that Eliab is not the one saying ‘take no notice of his appearance… man looks at the outside, but Good looks at the heart.’ After rejecting Jesse’s seven older sons, Samuel send for the youngest, David, who is in the field tending the sheep. Samuel is told by God to anoint a David to be the next king of Israel.

Perhaps we also get caught up in the outward appearance – of others and ourselves. Lent is a season to focus on getting our hearts right and so we ask God’s help as we pray: Our Father…

Reflect: Are you caught up in externals? What is the state of your heart?

Saying Yes! —

Saying Yes!

On 25th MARCH it is nine months until Christmas Day. On this day the Church remembers the ANNUNCIATION OF THE LORD.

This is when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to deliver God’s invitation to play her part in the salvation of all mankind.  This was not an order, it was an invitation. Although Mary was conceived without sin for this great purpose, God invites us all to play our part in the salvation of the world, particularly our friends and family. He never forces us but always invites.

Many people don’t take up this invitation because they don’t feel they can or that they are good enough for such a calling. We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for us, that we would answer God’s call as willingly as she did as we pray: Hail Mary…

Prayer: Each day pray a Hail Mary, asking her to pray for you throughout the day ahead.

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