All the Small Things Too

As we continue in the 2nd WEEK of ORDINARY TIME – the time between the major feasts and seasons – we follow Jesus through his ministry.

Previously, we heard how Jesus’ ministry began with his Baptism, and this Sunday we hear about his first miracle, turning water into wine. For some, it might seem that this was a wasted miracle – surely there were sick people he could have been healing instead of performing some party trick? Others could believe that this was a warm-up – Jesus testing his power before trying it out on people. What this miracle really proves is that Jesus cares.

He cares about the big things – the the wars, the cancers, the things that tear nations and families apart. But he also cares about the smaller things – the test next lesson, the game on Saturday, the difficult colleague. We also learn that Mary cares too – she is the one who facilitates this miracle by asking Jesus on behalf of the wedding party. In the same way we should ask her to intercede for our needs – big and small – as we pray: Hail Mary…

Prayer: Visit a church or chapel each day to say a Hail Mary for a personal intention (need) for a week.


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