The Conversion of St Paul

On the 25th October the Church celebrates THE CONVERSION OF ST PAUL. As a young man named Saul he was making his way up the ranks of Jewish society as a pharisee. Saul was a well educated Jew, studying under one of the best Rabbis of the time. He first appears in the Bible, holding the cloaks of the men who stoned Stephen to death – the first Christian martyr.

He went on to become something of an assassin, pursuing and executing many Christians until something drastic happened! Usually God can steer our lives with gentle nudges if we allow him. Yet Saul needed knocking off his horse, a blinding light and the audible voice of God!

In an instant Saul’s life was changed, he was given the new name of Paul which means small or humble. Ironically after being renamed humble he went on to become one of the greatest figures in Christian history. If we are brave enough, we should ask God to humble us, so that we too might be used by Him for great things for our communities as we pray: Our Father…  St Paul: Pray for us.

Discuss: What does it mean to be humble? Is there one way you could be a bit more humble today?


3 thoughts on “The Conversion of St Paul

  1. Very interesting Liam – thanks for this – I would be fascinated to learn more about Sauls pre-conversion life – can you point me in any direction?

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