2nd Sunday of Lent

At Sunday’s Mass, the 2nd SUNDAY of LENT we are reminded of God’s promises.

In the First reading, Abram (later known as Abraham) is told by God to look at the night sky, and promised that his descendants will be uncountable like the stars – we remember that he and his wife could not have children. He chose to trust God and is now known as the father of faith for all the Muslims (Ibrahim), Jews and Christians that have ever lived.

In the 2nd Reading, Paul condemns his readers for making false gods out of food – and we should be careful not to hope in ‘false gods’ like popularity, success or money as they can never deliver joy and happiness like only God can.

In the Gospel we see the hope we have in the Transfigured Jesus, that we will be glorified like him if we follow and obey him as God’s voice in the cloud tells the Peter, James and John. We ask God to help us follow Jesus more closely as we pray: Our Father…

Think:  What’s your god? What do you spend most of your time/money on? Does it lead towards God?


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