For the People in Glass Houses

In SUNDAY’S GOSPEL we read about Jesus’ encounter with a woman caught in adultery.

By the Law, she should be stoned to death because of her crime. The Pharisees had brought her to Jesus as a test. If he agrees to stone her, he will show the crowd that he is just like them. If Jesus says she should go free, then he breaks the law and cannot be the Messiah.

Jesus’ answer stuns them all; ‘let the one who has not sinned throw the first stone.’ – they all walk away! Jesus does not say she should be let off, or that the wrong she has done does not matter and has not hurt herself or her family. In fact in a subtle way he agrees that the crime could be punished by stoning – however, he was the only one qualified to throw a stone. He didn’t.

How often do we throw stones at other’s when they fail, conveniently forgetting our own mistakes? The gossip, the snide remarks, the suspicion. Let us ask God for a deeper knowledge of his mercy and love, so that we might show it to others as we pray: Our Father…

Challenge: When someone makes a mistake, remember your own failings and then respond with mercy.


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