From Triumph to Travesty

The Jews had been waiting.

They been waiting long and hard for a Messiah that would come and set them free.  For millennia they had been enslaved, exiled and oppressed.  They had been made to build pyramids for Egyptians, taken from their home by Babylonians and Persians and occupied by Roman forces.  They were waiting for a leader who would ‘break the yoke of their oppressors’ (Isaiah 9:4)

So when Jesus arrived on the scene performing incredible wonders and teaching with great authority the people got excited. Had their Messiah finally come?

Jesus’ triumphant entry to Jerusalem (the story of Palm Sunday) fulfilled a great prophecy of Zechariah (9:9).  The Jews had thought their King had come and he would defeat the Romans with military force making them free.

When Jesus got to Jerusalem he went to the Temple and caused a riot, turning the tables over and taking on the Jewish Temple authorities.  This caused people to doubt his Messiah credentials and turn against him which ultimately led to his execution.

We now know that the kingdom that Jesus was establishing is very different from any earthly kingdom.

In the same way that Jesus thought it more important to forgive a paraplegic man his sins before healing his body – Jesus seeks to liberate peoples hearts and minds from their slavery to sin before physically liberating them, which is yet to come.

Father God, help us to not be so quick to turn from you.  Often we call out to you when things are bad then forget you when times are good; or blame you in the hard times and reject you when things don’t go our way.  Help us to remain close to you throughout our lives.  We make this prayer through Christ, Our Lord.  Amen.


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