Vocations Sunday

The 4th Sunday of Easter is known as GOOD SHEPHERD SUNDAY and is a day when we think and pray about vocations, especially the vocations to ordination (Priests and Deacons) or to the the religious life (Brothers, Sisters, Monks and Nuns). Pope Francis points out that it is in the “home and the family where vocations are born.” Which is one of the many reasons that family life needs to be promoted and nurtured by the Church. In his recent document ‘The Joy of Love’ our Pope emphasises the importance of love in the family home. People who receive love become people who share love, whether in a family or in the Church.  We ask our Mother Mary to pray for our homes, that they would be schools where people learn to love for the benefit of the Church and the whole world: Hail Mary…

Challenge: In some way, show the people you live with how much you love them.


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