St Mark

On 25th April the church celebrates the feast of the Gospel writer St MARK.

Amidst the chaos and brutality of Jesus’ arrest there is the strange little detail found only in Saint Mark’s Gospel; A man who witnessed the hubbub and followed along… ‘wearing only a loin cloth’ – basically just his underpants!  The passage says the guards attempted to seize him but he managed to get away by leaving the linen cloth behind and running away naked!

Tradition has taught that this young man was St Mark and this brief encounter led to him finding out more about Jesus, becoming a believer. This led him to meet St Peter, whose stories became the basis of Mark’s Gospel. Let us pray that we would again become intrigued by the life of Jesus and share his Good News with others: Glory be…

Act: Be Good News to somebody today in the way you act and speak to them.


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