Saint Philip

MAY 3rd is the feast of Saints Philip & James, both disciples of Jesus.

SAINT PHILIP was believed to be a disciple of John the Baptist at first, and started following Jesus after the Baptist died. Soon after the Resurrection, Philip was one of the first to start out on mission to tell the world about Jesus. He spent most of his time in Greece, modern day Turkey and Syria.

Whilst in Hierapolis (Turkey), with his sister Marianem and the disciple Bartholomew, his preaching and miraculous healings converted the governor’s wife. This ticked off the governor who had Philip, his sister, and Bartholomew tortured, before having the boys crucified upside-down!  Philip continued to preach from the Cross which caused the crowd to free Bartholomew whilst Philip died.

We ask that God would help us to be as brave as Saint Philip, to speak the truth and do what is right, as we pray: Our Father…

Pray: For those who are still persecuted, tortured and executed for their faith.


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