On Sunday, the Church celebrated the Solemnity of the ASCENSION of the LORD.

A Solemnity is the name given to the highest level of feasts in the Church calendar and is mainly reserved for events in the life of Jesus and particular Saints like Mary the Mother of Jesus. The Ascension can be a hard feast to reflect upon as it seems to lack the significance of the Resurrection or Pentecost which come before and after it.

This Ascension I have been drawn to think of all who are suffering grief and loss. At the Ascension, despite Jesus’ encouraging words, the Apostles lost the person who they had built their life around. They had the promise of the Holy Spirit, but in that moment they felt alone, lost and scared. We have the hope of heaven where we will be reunited with those we have lost to death, but in this life we still experience the deep sadness that comes with loss.

Let us pray for God our Father to send His Spirit, to comfort those who grieve as we pray: Our Father…

Pray: Continue to pray for anyone you know who has lost someone, including yourself.


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