St Bede the Venerable

On 25th May the Church celebrates the memorial of St BEDE.

St Bede the Venerable is currently the only English person with the title ‘Doctor of the Church’.  This is a title given to someone who does great work to explain the mysteries of scripture and faith.

He was born in 673 AD and was responsible for creating and promoting the dating system we use today (BC & AD). He loved to study and was a brilliant historian, theologian and possibly the first English-language poet! He is the patron saint of historians and writers.

We pray especially for our English and History teachers in the words of the Collect from the Mass of St Bede: O God, who brings light to your Church through the learning of the Priest Saint Bede, mercifully grant that your servants may always be enlightened by his wisdom and helped by his merits. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Think: St Bede used his skills for God and not wealth. How will you use your gifts and talents?


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