The Body of Christ…

The Sundays following Pentecost continue to be high feasts (Solemnities).

The Sunday after Pentecost we celebrated the Holy Trinity, and then we have The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ also known as CORPUS CHRISTI.

At the institution of the Eucharist (the Last Supper), Jesus gives us a promise and an instruction: “This is my body and blood” and “Do this in memory of me”.  In this way, the same presence of God that was born in human form and did incredible things as a man, is equally present in bread and wine and equally capable of such incredible things in this Eucharistic form.

The problem is that many neither believe the promise or are obedient to the instruction and therefore deny themselves this gift of God’s presence in their lives.

Let us pray for all who struggle to believe God’s promises or respond to His invitation as we say: Our Father…

Watch: This short video on the Eucharist.


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