Local Hero

On 20th June the Church celebrates the life of St ALBAN.

Alban was from a Roman town called Verulamium. He is believed to have lived around the beginning of the third century when Christianity was still illegal in the Roman Empire. Tradition says he sheltered a fugitive priest who was on the run and was converted by his stories of Jesus. Alban helped the priest escape the authorities by dressing as the priest and being arrested in his place.

Alban was brought before the Prince at and given the opportunity to confess Caesar as Lord but refused, declaring ‘I worship and adore the true and living God who created all things.‘ Alban was then beheaded in Verulamium, now called St Albans, where the Abbey now stands.

Let us pray for all those who suffer religious persecution as we say: Our Father…

Stat: 5.5 Billion people face some form of religious persecution of some form or another (that’s 77% of the worlds population)!


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