In the USA, the 4th of JULY is AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY, which remembers when the first 13 American colonies declared themselves a new nation, separate from British rule.

When we look at history, we can see that independence often comes with conflict. We have already seen many political and racial conflicts arise before and since the ‘Brexit’ referendum on June 23rd.

As our continent and country look to move forward from this event, it is important that we become agents of peace and optimism among the many sources of hostility and desolation. This is something we should practice, not just politically, but also in the way we react to events in our friendships and families.

We ask Our Lady, Queen of Peace to pray for us, our nation and our continent as we say: Hail Mary…

Act: If your family were engaged in the referendum, encourage them to remain engaged as things unfold.


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