Money or God?

When Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope, sat beside him was his friend, Cardinal Claudio Hummes from Brazil. As Bergoglio got the required amount of votes to be Pope, Hummes leaned over to him, hugged him and said ‘do not forget the poor’. This is what prompted him to take the name Francis after St Francis of Assisi whose life was devoted to living and working with the poor.

In SUNDAY’S MASS READINGS we hear the Prophet Amos deliver a clear message to the unjust who cheat the poor. The Jews had become a wealthy nation at this point and didn’t like what Amos was saying so kicked him out of town. God had blessed the Jews but they had forgotten to share the blessing and had become selfish.

In the Gospel, Jesus warns us not to put all our effort into attaining material wealth, but to collect wealth that will last for eternity. Jesus says that you can either serve God or wealth, not both!

Do we use what we have to help ourselves or those in greater need? Are we more concerned with popularity, status, comfort and ‘stuff’ than whether we have a place in Heaven?

Let us ask God that we would be grateful for what we have and use it to help the poor: Our Father…

Think: Do you invest in your spiritual future as well as you material future? How?


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