Saint Matthew

On the 21st SEPTEMBER the Church remembers the Apostle and Gospel writer SAINT MATTHEW.

Matthew was a tax-collector, who were seen as traitors to the Jewish people. He worked for the Romans, collecting taxes for Caesar which paid for the very empire that was oppressing the Jews.  Matthew was at work when he was called to be a disciple. This reveals how merciful God is – Jesus doesn’t require us to change to be called; He calls us then helps us to change.

Pope Francis has helped us to think about mercy this year. Have you taken the opportunity to be more merciful and experience the freedom, peace and joy it brings?

Let us ask Mary, the Mother of Mercy to pray for us as we say: Hail Mary…

[3min Video]

Action: Make a special effort to be merciful today. Forgive and help others to change for the better.


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