An Attitude of Gratitude

In last SUNDAY’S GOSPEL we are reminded about the importance of gratitude. Jesus encounters ten lepers on the border of Samaria and Galilee. They call to Jesus for help and He tells them to go to the priests. They obey, and on their way they are healed. Only one of them turns back to give thanks to his healer, a Samaritan, not even a Jew! Perhaps we can compare this to how many British people may take for granted the NHS, or our free education, whilst thousands flee their homes in other countries to make the perilous journey to a land of peace, healthcare and education. If we were truly grateful would we not want to share these great gifts with others?  Or how many of us expect God to answer our every prayer whilst we don’t even give him one hour of a Sunday to go to Church? God however is merciful. Being grateful does not affect his merciful love for us, but it does help us to recognise his love for us and share it with others. Pray the Year of Mercy prayer below, and ask God to give you an attitude of gratitude today…

Challenge: Be over-the-top grateful and thankful for everything you receive today.


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