Perseverance, Patience & Prayer

There was a saying “faith is like a camera film – it’s developed in the dark.”

For those of us who have grown up with digital cameras, this can be confusing. These days we click and we instantly see the result. Some of us may remember when developing photos took time, and the patience and skill of a technician in a dark room. Many of us expect to have a digital prayer life – expecting instant results.

In SUNDAY’S GOSPEL, Jesus tells a parable to draw out the importance of perseverance and patience in prayer. He reminds us that God is a loving Father who hears the cries of his children and answers in the best possible way – not necessarily the quickest way or even the way we would have preferred.

Do we have the patience to persistently pray? To keep going in the dark, and allow our faith to develop over time, which enables us to see how God has indeed responded to our prayer. Jesus questions whether there will be anyone of faith left when he comes again. How many people’s faith remains undeveloped because of lack of perseverance.

Let us pray that we would become people of patience and perseverance in prayer as we say: Our Father…

Challenge: Take time each day this week to pray for a particular need. Persevere!


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