An Examen

Before finishing one week and beginning the next, it is beneficial to look back and reflect so that we can learn from our experiences. This is known as an examen.

To not reflect is like trying to fill a bath without putting the plug in!

Read through the following with time to reflect:

Think back over this last week – What are you especially grateful for?

Where have you felt joy this week?

What troubled you?

What has challenged you?

When did you take an opportunity to grow and become more?

What can you learn for your experiences?

What important moments does God wish you to remember?

As you look to the week ahead, what comes to mind?

Ask God for the graces you need for the week ahead.

Let us pray: Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit…

Act: Is there a colleague or friend that you should make peace with before the weekend?


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