Don’t Get Burnt Up!

In the READINGS of SUNDAY’S MASS we were compelled to think forward to the day of Christ’s return.

The First Reading from the prophet Malachi warns how a day of judgement is coming to ‘burn up’ all the ‘arrogant and evil doers’. In St Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, he addresses those who are not necessarily doing evil, but are being idle – not lifting a finger to help themselves and expecting everyone else to work for them.

In preparation for Christ’s return (or our return to him, whichever come first!) we are obviously encouraged to not be evil. Or arrogant – dismissive of our need to repent and do better. But nor are we to be idle – not actively doing good with our lives, our gifts, our talents, our wealth, our situation.

Idleness and entitlement are a real problem today, especially in many young people who expect everything but are not prepared to work for anything. Let us pray that we would do the hard work of building the kingdom of God here on earth, and preparing ourselves for Christ’s return as we say: Our Father…

Think: If Christ came back today – what would he say about how you have used his gift of life?


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