Heaven, Hell and Who?

At this time of year, the lectionary (the readings at Mass) gives a lot of thought on LIFE AFTER DEATH.

Catholic’s hold a very different idea of HEAVEN & HELL to many other Christians. To  some Christians, Heaven is for Christians only, and Hell is where everybody else is punished for not being Christian – this is NOT Catholic!

Catholicism teaches that Heaven is where we will meet God face to face, and Purgatory, is where sinners are made holy and ready for Heaven. So what then is Hell and who is there? Hell is for those who wilfully reject God. This doesn’t mean that they just reject religion, but they reject the goodness and conscience that God has placed within them.

Scripture teaches us that it has more to do with how we live than what we believe. Yet belief in God, and cooperation with Him, opens us up to God’s eternal life (His grace) before we die. In this way we can experience God’s kingdom here on Earth, and can share it with others, especially those most in need of His love. Let us pray: Our Father…

Act: God give his life to us through the sacraments. Try to attend Mass more this Advent.


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