Happy New Year – Advent!

We have now begun a new Church year which began on the FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT.

In this season we begin to prepare ourselves to receive Jesus in the celebration of Christmas. We make space in our lives and in our hearts, to receive anew God who became man, so that we might know him, be loved by him and share that love with others. There are various practices that help us prepare for Christmas throughout ADVENT.

The Advent Wreath is one of these practices. You will see wreaths in most Chapels and Churches at this time, some families may still have them in their homes. Each element of the wreath has a special meaning and each week of Advent (represented by each candle) has a theme to help us grow in hope, peace, joy and love, virtues that we know our world needs more of.

We ask the Blessed Virgin Mary, who prepared herself so that we might know the joy of Christmas, to pray for us as we say: Hail Mary…

Think: Don’t settle for one of those calendars that only have 25 chocolates – Advent has 29 days this year!


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