Get Ready, Be Ready, Live Ready.

In SUNDAY’S GOSPEL we again heard the call to get ready, be ready and remain ready.

In last week’s midweek readings we were reminded that we will not live forever, and one day we will die and be judged by God for how we used the gift of life. In ADVENT, rather than focus on our death, we look to the return of Jesus, who will ‘come in glory to judge the living and the dead’ (the Creed).

The problem is that we don’t know when He will come again. The Disciple’s expected it to be soon but here we are 2000 years or so later, still waiting! Yet the Church encourages us to get ready and live ready – so that should Jesus come today, or we return to him, we might be judged worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God.

We ask that God would help us to use this Advent season to prepare, not just for Christmas, but for an eternity with him as we pray: Our Father…

Pray: Attend at least one extra Mass than usual this Advent to help prepare. Perhaps a midweek or Saturday morning Mass?


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