Saint Ambrose of Milan

DECEMBER 7th is the Feast Day of SAINT AMBROSE of MILAN.

Aurelius Ambrosius was a key figure in the early Church but never set out to be a Bishop. He was a politician who merely attended the election of the new bishop. When he got up to encourage peace between the two different parties, a chant started to elect Ambrose as Bishop. Ambrose however ran away, but was eventually hunted down and made Bishop!

He is renowned for his attitude to the poor. He didn’t see charity as some noble act of goodness, but simply the moral distribution of the gifts that one had received from God. Perhaps this is something we can think about as support various Advent Appeals. Are we doing something amazing and generous? Or is it simply the fair redistribution of the many gifts that God has given us? Perhaps there is a little bit of both going on!

We ask that St Ambrose pray for us and those we will support this time. St Ambrose: Pray for us.

Act: Consider supporting an Advent Appeal (suggestions below), not because it would be generous, but because it is right and proper for us to do so.

Homeless in Watford: New Hope Trust

Homeless in London/UK: St Mungo’s

Crisis Fund for Struggling Families/Westminster: CCS


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