Blinded for God?

On DECEMBER 13th the Church remembers St LUCY.

She was the daughter of rich Christian parents but her father died when she was 5. She grew to be a attractive young woman, renowned for her beautiful eyes. Her mother became ill and feared for Lucy’s future and so betrothed her to a wealthy pagan man, although Lucy wanted to remain single and live for God.

Lucy convinced her mum to make pilgrimage to the shrine of St Agatha which was known for healings. Lucy’s mum was healed and in thanksgiving they started to give their riches away to the poor. This angered Lucy’s betrothed who reported them to the Roman governor for being Christian. When soldiers came to take Lucy away, she couldn’t be moved so they ended up killing her in her home.

Some traditions say that because her suitor was attracted to her eyes she gouged them out so he would leave her alone.

At a time when many young people are desperate for the attention of other’s, perhaps we should ask for the prayers of St Lucy t help us focus more on God’s attention. St Lucy: Pray for us.

Think: Do you need other people’s notice, or notice other people’s needs?


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