The Blind Will See

In Sunday’s GOSPEL READING Jesus heals a man born blind.

The Pharisees are out to get Jesus and so try to work out what’s going on. First they try and disprove that the man was even blind by summoning his parents! They testify that he was their son who was indeed born blind. The Pharisees then make issue with the fact that the healing took place on the sabbath so therefore Jesus could not be sent by God because he doesn’t observe the sabbath as they expect. In the end Jesus points out that it’s these Pharisees are the ones who are blind!

Sometimes we too can be blinded by our ignorance or arrogance. We refuse to accept the truth unless it fits with our own agenda. We ask the Virgin Mary, who surrendered her own agenda to be open to the truth, to pray for us as we say; Hail Mary…

Think: Is there an issue in your life that could do with a fresh set of eyes. How can you look at it differently?


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