The Lost Boy

St ANTHONY is probably one of the most popular saints for intercessions being the patron of lost and stolen things. His feast is on the 13th June however, not many people know much about his story.

Anthony is one of a number of great saints that gave up a wealthy lifestyle to become a friar. He originally became an Augustinian Friar but was so moved by the Franciscans martyrs being returned from Morocco that he become a Franciscan, hoping to travel to North Africa to preach to the Muslims. However, he became so ill that he had to return home but his ship never made it, being blown off course and ending up in Sicily and he spent the rest of his life in Italy. The homilies he has left us contain some of the most beautiful and simple teachings that he has been appointed a Doctor of the Church.

Let us pray that we would love and trust God as much as St Anthony did, and in action share our lives with those most in need as we pray: Our Father…

Pray: Ask St Anthony to pray for you when you have lost something.


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