Two Little Dickie Birds

The 29th JUNE is the solemnity of SAINTS PETER & PAUL.

It can seem strange that two such important saints from the early Church have to share a feast day – all the other Apostles get their own day! We should therefore focus on what we can learn from both of these saints and how they worked together.

The truth is that the Bible suggests that Peter and Paul didn’t get on. Perhaps Peter distrusted Paul, the one-time Christian-killer! And Paul didn’t agree on Peter’s preference for the Jews over Gentiles (non-Jews). What we can learn here is that God used both of these men to reach all types of people – Jews and Gentiles.

Let us pray for those we disagree with, and to understand that God is calling us in different ways. We ask our Mother Mary to pray for the unity of all God’s children as we pray: Hail Mary…

Mass: This feast is a Solemnity and all Catholics should attend Mass. Check your local Mass times HERE.


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