The Priest Who Floated During Mass

SEPTEMBER 23rd is the feast of St PIUS of Pietrelcina, an Italian priest who lived between 1887 and 1968. He is more commonly known as Padre Pio and is one of Italy’s favourite Saints.

Saint Pio became famous for his stigmata (mystically bearing the wounds of Christ’s Passion), as well as levitating (floating) whilst saying Mass, and bi-locating (being in two places at once)! Crazy stuff!!! But Padre Pio is only one of many holy men and women who experienced such supernatural activity.

Pio worked many miracles during his lifetime and on 16th June 2002, he was canonised by Pope John Paul II because of the miracles attributed to his prayers in his life and after his death, including the one you can watch in the attached video. You can read about many more online.

Is there someone that you know that could do with a miracle. Let us ask St Pio to pray for us and those who we know need a miracle [pause for prayer]… St Padre Pio: Pray for us.

Discuss/Challenge: Would a miracle help your faith? If you need one, pray!

[2min Video]


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