Seeing the World Upside-Down

On 4th OCTOBER the Church celebrates the life of St FRANCIS of ASSISI.

Francis was from a wealthy family but gave up everything to live with and for the poor. It is believed that St Francis’ conversion is the inspiration behind the Mumford & Sons song, The Cave. It references the time that Francis spent away from the world. He returned from his time in The Cave and saw the world as if it was upside down, like a man walking on his hands. This relates to how Francis discovered that the deepest happiness comes when we can let go of our attachment to material things and trust God.

St Francis also acknowledge the struggles and temptations of the world, yet the plight of the poor, the widows and the orphans whom he served was more important than the ‘sirens’ of comfort, luxury and wealth. Let us ask St Francis to pray for us, that we would not seek happiness in material things but find true joy in Christ.

St Francis: Pray for us. Our Father…

Listen: Can you hear the St Francis references in the song?  [VIDEO 4mins]


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