What is Your Name?

On 13th OCTOBER the Church celebrates the memorial of St Edward the Confessor.

St Edward is a rare saint as he was also an English king. He is was the last proper Anglo-Saxon king. The Anglo-Saxons had great names like you read in The Lord of the Rings, and these often reflected their character such as Edgar the Peaceful and his son Edward the Martyr. St Edward’s father was known as Aethelred the Unready!

St Edward the Confessor was known for his life of prayer and generosity to the poor and to the church. He was born in 1003 and his death in 1066, triggered the invasion of William of Normandy (France), who brought an end to the Anglo-Saxon reign of England and the start of Norman England.

If you were to be given an Anglo-Saxon name, would it be; ‘…the Brave’? ‘…the Kind’? …the Honest’? Or would it be less flattering like ‘Aethelred the Unready’? or perhaps ‘…the Flaky’? ‘…the Unreliable‘? ‘…the Manipulative?’ ‘… the Always-on-their-Phone’?

Let us pray that we too would be known by godly virtues. Let us pray: Our Father…

Action: Think of how you’d like to be remembered and live that way!


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