Old is the New Young

Last week we celebrated the young in the fest of Ss Timothy & Titus. This week we remember the value of the older people in our lives. On February 2nd the Church celebrates the feast of THE PRESENTATION OF THE LORD.

For Catholics, this is when the Christmas decorations should come down – it is when the Christmas Crib is packed away as the baby Jesus is presented to the world.

It was customary for the Jews to present a child at the temple in Jerusalem. Whilst in the temple, Jesus is recognised as the Messiah by two elderly temple workers, Simeon and Anna. This Gospel passage reminds us of the wisdom that the elderly can still offer the world. Far too many elderly people are made to feel a burden on their families and society, and many others suffer severe loneliness as they’re forgotten altogether.

Let us pray in thanks giving for all the elderly, that they might know the love and support of their families. We pray: Hail Mary…

Action: Phone or visit a grandparent or great-grandparent. A simple gesture like this can mean a lot.


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