Saint John Bosco

January 31st is the memorial of St JOHN BOSCO.

Don Giovanni Bosco (1815-1888), was an Italian Catholic priest who dedicated his life to the education of young people, particularly the boys who were always in trouble.

He kept these young men out of the clutches of the mafia and was so successful that over 3,000 of the boys that he worked with went on to become priests. He was such a success because he used teaching methods based on love rather than punishment and always gave another chance.

He founded the Society of St Francis de Sales now known as the Salesians of Don Bosco. The Salesians are still a youth-focussed order of priests with many schools and other projects worldwide.

Let us pray: We praise you, Lord, for calling Saint John Bosco to be a loving father and prudent guide of the young. Give us his fervent zeal for souls and enable us to live for you alone. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen. St John Bosco: Pray for Us.

Pray: Do you know a young person who seems caught up in bad things? Ask for the prayers of St John Bosco


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