Agatha Today?

St AGATHA was an extremely brave young woman and her memorial is on 5th FEBRUARY.

She was born into a wealthy Christian family, in Sicily whilst it was still illegal to be Christian in the Roman Empire. Because she was from a wealthy family, many princes and noblemen wanted to marry her but she refused to marry a non-Christian. One nobleman, Quintianus, was so offended by her rejection he had her sent to a house of prostitutes. When this failed to corrupt her, he had her tortured in prison until she died, aged only 15.

This may seem like something that would never happen today – but unfortunately women today still suffer within a male-driven culture. Just think of how women are portrayed in our movies, TV shows, music videos and magazines. We still have a long way to go!

We ask St Agatha’s prayers for all women who are trapped in harmful relationships and for the agencies that work for their freedom. Saint Agatha: Pray for us.

Challenge: Does the music, online videos and language you use promote treating women with respect?


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