Japanese Martyrs

On FEBRUARY 6th the Church remembers SAINT PAUL MIKI and his twenty-five companions who were martyred in Nagasaki, Japan in 1597.

They were crucified and then stabbed with spears. The executioners were astounded by their joy at being killed in a similar way to Jesus. The whole purpose of the Christian life is to become more like Christ. The problem with becoming Christ-like, is that even though we grow closer to God and do a ton of good in the world, this can also lead us to be treated like Jesus was and be persecuted. For many this will not be physical crucifixion, but it can still be tough to be a REAL Christian today.

Being Christ-like isn’t easy when this means sharing in Christ’s sufferings. Paul Miki and his companions were the first martyrs of the Far East to be recognised as Saints. Let us ask them to pray for us, that we might have the courage to be more Christ-like as we pray: Our Father…

Think: In what ways are you Christ-like? In what ways are you not? Could you be more Christ-like today?


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