Celebrating Furniture?

On FEBRUARY 22nd, the Church celebrates the feast of St PETER’S CHAIR.

In the Gospel for this feast, we have Jesus telling Peter that on him the Church will be built and that whatever Peter ‘binds on earth will be bound in heaven’. On the feast of St Peter’s Chair we don’t celebrate an actual chair, but the responsibility and authority Jesus gave to Peter that has been passed on from Pope to Pope from that day.  That is why as Catholic’s we don’t just rely on our own personal interpretation of scripture. We also look to the teachings of this authority initiated by Jesus and passed on from the Apostles to the Magisterium of the Church in every age.

We pray for our Pope, that he would continue to be a good steward of this responsibility and that we would have the courage to follow Church teachings.  St Peter: Pray for us.

Challenge: Try to live out more Church teachings in your life, not our of obligation, but a desire for the fruit that they bring.  Perhaps start by not eating meat on Friday.


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