Into the Desert

This Sunday was the FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT and the Gospel reading tells of Jesus’ own fasting experience in the desert. The desert is a place free from distraction, where our greatest needs rise to the surface and what is important to us becomes clear – like water and shelter. Our experience of Lent should also be like this desert. Lent is a time of increased prayer, fasting and charity.

These activities help us to experience ‘the desert’. These Lenten disciplines not only help make us holier, but they also make us happier too. Fasting, prayer and charity help what is really important rise to the top of our list of priorities, allowing what is less important to find its rightful place. Make sure you don’t miss out on the happiness that God wants to give you.

Let us pray:  Turn our hearts back to you, God our Saviour; form us by your heavenly teaching, so that we may truly profit by our Lenten observance. Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Prepare: Look ahead at the 40 daily Lent challenges for this week. Participate each day throughout Lent.


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