Set Yourself Free – Fast!

The season of LENT is well underway and for many it may simply be a time to give up chocolate. For others it may seem like just another attempt of the Church trying to tell us what to do and make us miserable – but that’s far from the truth! The discipline of giving something up is proposed to help set us free from our attachment, dependance or addiction to things that hold us back from the fullness of life.

When we do something for spiritual growth or healing, it is called a penance. We are invited to fast, pray and be charitable as penance during Lent. Just like in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, this penance has a healing affect on our souls which are damaged when we sin or live. Giving things up also helps us to grow in gratefulness for what we have, which often leads us to a greater happiness and joy.

We ask God to help make our fasting meaningful this Lent, that we may benefit from our penance long after the season of Lent. We pray: Our Father…

Reflect: Has anything become a barrier between you and God? Consider the Sacrament of Reconciliation, check the times at your parish, visit a Cathedral where it’s always on or look out for a Reconciliation service.


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