Increase Our Faith

In SUNDAY’S GOSPEL we hear the disciples ask Jesus to “increase [their] faith”.

We often forget that faith is a gift. It’s something that we need to ask for, receive, unwrap and use if we want it to be effective in our lives. The best way to grow our faith is to pray. There are 1,440 minutes in each day, making 15 minutes roughly 1%. How can we expect our faith to grow if we devote less that 1% of each day to nurturing it? Those who are able to carve out 1% of their day for God are richly rewarded, the other 99% is enriched exponentially – the return far outweighs the investment. As a father of four kids I have found my mornings increasingly busy. I have begun waking up earlier so that I can start the day by giving God the first 15 minutes, the first 1% of each day. This October I have begun by praying a full rosary for the people who matter most to me and I’m already feeling the benefits in myself and in my relationships. Why not give it a go yourself. Start walking up earlier now and it will feel so much easier when the clocks go back later in the month!

Let us ask that God would increase our faith as we pray: Our Father…

Think: If you believe God is real, is he worth the 1%?

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