Happy Feast Day – another chance to relax that Lenten fasting and feast in celebration of the Annunciation of the Lord, when the Angel Gabriel visited Mary and she conceived by the Holy Spirit. At this time of ‘social isolation’ when we’re all called to #STAYATHOME. It’s great that we have a feast that celebrate and ordinary girl encountering the power of God AT HOME. Mary was an ordinary girl, who probably lived quite a domestic life which was common of young women of that time. Yet in her ordinariness she found favour with God and was chosen for the greatest of blessings. It’s believed that Mary was part of a group known as the #REMNANT – a group of Jews who remained faithful. Over their history, there were times when many Jews abandoned the practices of their faith and became Jewish in name alone. Perhaps the same can be said of the contemporary culture of many Catholics? At the moment our Churches are closed because of the #COVID_19 pandemic and we find ourselves at home. The challenge is now how we might encounter the power of God in our homes now we can’t receive him in the Eucharist. When we can’t receive the real presence of God in Holy Communion, can we BE the real presence of Christ to those we live with. Can we do what we can to worship God in our love of neighbour and those most in need? Can we seek intimacy with the Lord in prayer and silence. All these things should be present in the life of the ordinary #Catholic, but perhaps the current situation will allow us to grow in these areas of prayer and charity so that the angels would find us ‘full of grace’ and ‘highly favoured’. In times of great uncertainty, may God grant us the courage to trust Him as Mary did. Another devotion that you could add to your daily #prayer life is the #Angelus which recounts the #Annunciation. Many pray this at 6am, 12noon and 6pm – so that God might become incarnate in our daily activities. It’s a simple prayer that takes 2 minutes (link in bio). @sthelenswatford @dowym @rcwestminster @dioceseofnorthampton @luxnymo

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