23RD SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME . See the video at youtube.com/theChaplaincy . IN SUNDAY’S GOSPEL Jesus gives us simple and clear advice on how to deal with conflicts. When someone offends us there can be many different responses that we are tempted with. Some people moan and complain to others, perhaps even taking revenge on social media or through gossip. Others might bottle it up and do nothing but feel terrible on the inside. . Jesus gives us a three-step approach to dealing with the problem. 1) Speak to the person alone. This is an opportunity to explain how we feel. Often people don’t realise that they’ve hurt us and a bigger issue can be avoided by simply speaking to the person one-to-one. Here we might discover that we did something first that hurt them. 2) If they won’t talk it through with you, try and address the issue with two or three neutral people, perhaps shared friends. This isn’t about taking sides, but about resolving the issue. 3) Here Jesus says that it should be reported to the community. This doesn’t mean broadcast it on WhatsApp, but this would be the time to get a trusted adult involved. . Jesus also recognises that unfortunately there is no getting through to some people, but if we’ve taken these steps we can be sure that we’ve not made matters worse and done our best to resolve the issue. . Let us pray that God would guide us when dealing with people that have offended us, that he would give us peace and help us work for reconciliation as we say Our Father… . #catholic #church #prayer #Jesus #god #pray #prayer #reflection #meditation #gospel #bible #saint #feast #catholiceducation @rcwestminster @dowym

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