THE BIRTHDAY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY 8/9 . Watch the video at . For the most part we commemorate a Saint on the day of their death – the day they left this world and entered fully into the Kingdom of God. We also celebrate the births of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist. . The nativities of John the Baptist and the Blessed Virgin Mary are celebrated because of their important role in our salvation. Elizabeth and Zechariah conceived John the Baptist in their old age as a sign to Mary that she two would conceive miraculously. Mary’s role in our salvation is pretty obvious and we even celebrate her conception separately on the feast of The Immaculate Conception. . The celebration of Mary’s birthday reminds us that we are all born into a great story, that our lives matter and that we should live in a way that brings life to others. . Let us ask Mary to pray for us, that through our birth and existence, others would be know the love of God as we say: Hail Mary… . #catholic #church #prayer #Jesus #god #pray #prayer #reflection #meditation #gospel #bible #saint #feast #catholiceducation @rcwestminster @dowym

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