Thought I’d swing by OXHEY ACTIVITY PARK for the first time. Apart from being a coronavirus petri dish it looked quite cool. There were 90s throwback skaters complete with Nirvana t-shirts over their long sleeved Ts! Dad’s in their 40s trying to show their kids how to halfpipe their Apollo wannabe BMX. It was even great to see ‘those lads’ who usually wheelie without a care in the world down the middle of your road trying to ride their Carreras properly on the MTB track. The only thing more shocking than the amount of weed being openly smoked was the amount of parents who let their kids ride & scoot without a helmet! These features are made of concrete with steel edges! The mega pump track had kids going in every direction whilst the Tony Hawkers tried their best to observe the anticlockwise rotation. But the best/worst moment was the bail caused by the scuttle bugging toddler going the wrong way on the intermediate MTB trail – whose parents then shouted down the mountain biker for going too fast! So to conclude this review – Oxhey Activity Park HAS a playground but is NOT a playground. It’s a great place for proper skill development in skating, scooting and mountain biking. If your kid is not ready to mix it up with the big kids, or remain under constant supervision whilst you coach them about one-way systems and skate park etiquette (not the weed and grunge-look), then it would be best to stay away. The kids on micro-scooters (and scuttle bugs) are better off and safer at your local park – to be honest they’d probably be safer riding round the Magic Roundabout in Hemel! Wherever they ride WEAR A HELMET!

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