THE EXALTATION OF THE HOLY CROSS (14/9) . It’s strange to think that an instrument of torture and execution would become something so fashionable! We don’t see people wearing a hang-man’s noose, as a necklace, or an electric-chair on a set of earrings. Yet so many people, whether they’re Christian or not, wear a symbol of the Roman execution method known a crucifixion – to be fixed to a cross (crux). . This method of torture was so horrific that it became its own reference to pain – the word ‘excruciating’ literally means ‘like the cross’. The Cross of Jesus Christ, was and remains a difficult concept to understand – how can an event of such suffering and pain, become a symbol of victory? St Paul wrote: ‘the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.’ . Unlike many other religions, Christian’s believe in a definitive and historical event in which God intervened in human history in such a way to once-and-for-all deal with evil, sin, suffering and death, and win for us the hope of everlasting life. This is why the Church exalts (celebrates) the Cross on this special feast day. . Let us pray that we would know the hope and joy that has been won for us through the Cross as we say: Our Father… . #catholic #church #prayer #Jesus #god #pray #prayer #reflection #meditation #gospel #bible #saint #feast #catholiceducation @rcwestminster @dowym

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