On 17th SEPTEMBER the Church remembers SAINT ROBERT BELLARMINE . Robert Bellarmine was the Cardinal that was responsible for dealing with ‘the Galileo situation’. Before the 1600s many people believed that the sun and all the ‘heavens above’ moved around the earth. Galileo supported the work of Catholic scientist Nicholas Copernicus, that it was in fact the Earth that moved around the sun. . Many protestants rejected this as it contradicted the literal reading of some passages of the Bible. Bellarmine asked Galileo to be patient and to gather more empirical evidence before publishing his theories. Galileo ignored this request and presented his unproven theories as fact – this annoyed the Pope who was an old friend of Galileo and saw his disobedience as taking advantage of their friendship. . Galileo was tried for his bad science, NOT bad theology, and sentenced to ‘house-arrest’ in a Tuscan villa with his family and all the materials he would need to complete his research. . Robert Bellarmine was a believer that scientific discovery would deepen and enrich our understanding of scripture. . Let us ask God to open our hearts to all truth as we pray: Our Father… Saint Robert Bellarmine: Pray for us. . #catholic #church #prayer #Jesus #god #pray #prayer #reflection #meditation #gospel #bible #saint #feast #catholiceducation @rcwestminster @dowym

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