The 16th NOVEMBER is the memorial of St EDMUND OF ABINGDON. . Edmund was the son of a rich merchant but lived a simple life and studied hard as a young man. In the late 12th century he studied and then lectured maths and philosophy in both Oxford and Paris universities. He was the first Master of Arts (MA) of Oxford. The place where he taught at Oxford was later renamed St Edmund Hall. He later switched to Theology and became a priest eventually becoming Archbishop of Canterbury in 1233. . St Edmund is a great example of not settling and always striving to be more – a growth mindset. He could have had an easy life with his father’s wealth, but he chose to work hard, apply himself, nurture his gifts and strive to be the best that he could be. . We live in a culture where it is popular to ‘coast’ – just doing enough to get by rather than pushing for excellence. Often this is because we can feel that the extra effort goes unnoticed so we just stop trying. . We ask our Mother Mary to pray for us, that we would make the best of our God-given talents: Hail Mary… . #catholic #church #prayer #Jesus #god #pray #prayer #reflection #meditation #gospel #bible #saint #feast #catholiceducation @rcwestminster @dowym

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