Continuing our reflections on THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD we can learn something really encouraging. People often think that God will only be happy with us when we reach certain expectations – go to Mass, go to Confession, give to the poor, don’t do anything bad. People who think like this either abandon the faith altogether, or continue but in misery and resentment of others who don’t measure up to these expectations. Although God does present us with a moral law through the example of Jesus, the Bible and the Church – the laws are there to guide us to a life of peace and happiness – his perfect love for us is not dependant on our performance. When Jesus was Baptised, the voice of God was heard to say “this is my son in whom I am very pleased”. Jesus had done nothing to earn God’s favour at this point – no miracles, healings or teachings. The same is true when we are Baptised – we become children of God in whom God delights. And no matter how we’ve lived since, God still looks at us with such great love. Let us pray that we would have a greater sense of God’s unconditional love for us as we pray: Our Father…

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