OCTOBER 22nd is the feast of SAINT JOHN PAUL II. . John Paul II was Pope from 1979 to 2005. He was born in Poland in 1920 and saw nazism and communism destroy the life and values of his country. He trained to become a priest in secret because religion was illegal under a communist government. In order to teach the faith, he wrote poetry and plays to communicate the Gospel, and would also take families on camping trips in the mountains so he could preach freely about God without the interference of the authorities. . When he became Pope, he used his papacy to remind the world of the value of each human life and our relationships. He had witnessed how nazism, communism and the sexual revolution had impacted humanities sense of dignity and self-worth. Many historians believe that Pope John Paul II played a key role in ending communism in Eastern Europe, particularly in his homeland of Poland, but also in the Soviet Union and East Germany. . Later in his life he suffered with Parkinson’s Disease until his death in 2005. He remained active as pope until his death which in a very special way taught the world about the dignity of human life, even in the face of illness and great suffering. As with all Saints it wasn’t his life that confirms him as a Saint of the Church, but the verified miracles attributed to his intercessions (prayers) after his death. . Let us continue to ask his prayers for all who still don’t live in freedom and love; especially those who don’t appreciate their own dignity and worth or that of others. St John Paul II: Pray for us
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