This Monday’s Music Monday includes #JesusCulture and their song #StillInControl. I’ve chosen this song and a few others that reflect on God’s sovereignty, his in-control-ness, particularly when things seem out-of-control to us. In thinking about tases songs, it struck me just how many of this themed song was written in the last year prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic. There are so many! I’ve included my favourites in the #MusicMonday playlist which also includes #Surrounded #FightMyBattles by #UpperRoom and #AnotherInTheFire by #Hillsong. Check out the songs which reflect on God’s sovereignty in the #MusicMonday Spotify playlist (link in bio). Music Monday? Each Monday (hmmm!) I’ll be sharing some new music to expand your repertoire and expose you to some new and not so new uplifting, inspirational and consoling songs. Most of the songs will be Christian Worship Music. As Catholic’s, we can find it difficult to incorporate new music into our liturgies and services and the timeless and timely don’t always meld well together. However, we can still incorporate this type of music into our lives. So often the songs that we listen to can contain messages that are contrary to our values, but we listen because we like the sound. Such tracks can be sexist, vulgar and permissive of destructive and violent acts. What if we listened to music that affirmed our worth and that of our neighbour – songs that build our self-esteem, calm our anxieties and inspire us to live life to the full and change the world for better? @bethelmusic @dowym @rcwestminster @luxnymo @sthelenswatford #catholic #christianmusic #worshipmusic
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